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July 24, 2024

Professional Investment Management

While financial planning provides the foundation for achieving personal prosperity, reaching one's financial goals also depends on effective investment management. As financial markets have grown more complex and volatile, the process of evaluating investment opportunities and deploying one's assets has become increasingly challenging.

For those who would like ongoing professional assistance with their investments, network affiliated advisors can provide fee-only asset management services. Clients utilizing money management services through an MFN advisor will benefit from a superior investment platform, which combines flexibility with sound investing principles. The approach used by MFN advisors draws heavily on four key concepts:

Modern Portfolio Theory - Removing emotion from investing is difficult. Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is a scientifically derived approach to investing that focuses on long-term, risk-adjusted performance. Among the economists contributing to MPT's theoretical foundations are several Nobel Prize winners.

Objectivity - Advisors participating in MedCentric Financial Network work on a fee-only basis. The fee-only approach removes the conflicts of interest which may accompany commission-based investment products, and allows advisors to make objective investment decisions.

Low Cost and Choice - Through affiliation with the institutional division of Charles Schwab, and other discount brokerage firms, network advisors have access to a wide selection of cost-effective investment vehicles and other financial resources, which are often not available to retail investors.

Tax Efficiency - After-tax investment returns are the most important measure of portfolio performance. Advisors affiliated with MFN integrate tax-efficient investment practices into the asset management process, allowing clients to retain more of their investment earnings.

For more information on personalized professional investment management services, contact your local MFN affiliated advisor. To find an advisor in your area, please use the "Find an Advisor" referral tool on the home page of this website.
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