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June 02, 2020

Regulatory Disclosure

MedCentric Financial Network, Inc ("MFN") is a Registered Investment Advisor with the California Department of Corporations. By referring a physician or other person ("Referral") to a financial advisory firm participating in its network ("Participating Advisor"), MFN is acting as an unpaid solicitor. MFN will not receive a referral fee or other financial compensation from any Participating Advisor. The business relationship between MFN and its Participating Advisors is described in the "MFN Disclosure Statement and Terms of Use," which is provided to all Referrals when they use the “Find an Advisor” referral tool on the home page of this website.

MFN does not render or offer to render personalized investment advice or financial planning advice either directly to individuals or institutions, or through this website. MFN's role is solely that of a referral service for healthcare professionals or other persons who are seeking professional help with their finances and wish to be introduced to a Participating Advisor.

If you use the "Find an Advisor" referral tool on this website to research or contact a Participating Advisor, you will automatically receive an email from MFN containing links to the following documents.

1.) A copy of the SEC Form ADV Part II disclosure document for each Participating Advisor to whom a referral is made.

2.) The MFN general "Disclosure Statement and Terms of Use" (including disclaimer of liability)

3.) A copy of the MFN Form ADV Part II disclosure statement

Each of the above documents are also available to all Referrals directly on this website. These documents can be sent by regular mail to any Referral at his or her request by emailing MFN at the address below:


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