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July 24, 2024

MFN financial planning benefit options

As part of its unique benefits package, Vituity will pay $600 on behalf of eligible physicians to help cover the cost of a financial planning engagement with a pre-screened advisor from the MedCentric Financial Network, Inc ("MFN"). Participating physicians can use this benefit to get started with the financial planning process in one of two ways...

The Personal Financial Review

The Personal Financial Review provides the opportunity to work with an advisor in exploring several key issues or questions related to your personal finances. Retirement and investments are two of the most commonly covered areas, but your review can focus on any financial planning issues you choose. You’ll be asked to provide the necessary background information by completing a financial planning questionnaire. After analyzing your data, your advisor will provide you with expert insight and guidance during a one-on-one meeting. You will also receive a written review summary, including key planning points and concise suggestions on ways to improve your finances. The total cost of the Personal financial Review is $750
Comprehensive Financial Plan

For those who want to take a comprehensive approach to planning their finances, Vituity will pay $600 toward the cost of an in-depth planning engagement. This option will appeal to those who want to invest the time and money necessary to explore a full range of personal financial topics. A comprehensive financial plan will address retirement, investments, debt management, insurance, taxes, educational funding, and estate planning. The out-of-pocket expense of this option will vary according to the complexity of your financial circumstances.

How to Register for Your Financial Planning Credit and Find a Participating Advisor

To register for your Vituity financial planning credit, and locate a nearby MFN financial advisor, please use the “Find an Advisor” tool on the homepage of this website.

Please email MFN at with any questions about your financial planning benefit options, or regarding the "Find an Advisor" referral tool.

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